Friday, July 5, 2019

Kennedy Criscione- Rockaway, NJ- Newborn Photographer

Kennedy Criscione made her debut June 4th 9:40pm at 7.3 lbs and 19.5". I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to Nicole's pregnancy, sharing a classroom with her meant hearing the daily updates on what growing a human is like, seeing the belly grow, and watching Nicole prepare for motherhood. She totally rocked being on her feet all day teaching and it is no surprise that Nicole is a natural at being mom too. Mike and Nicole make taking care of a newborn look easy. Kennedy already loves life at the lake, cheers dad on at his sporting events, and even attends school functions to celebrate mom's students. A month in this world has already flown by for Ms. Kennedy and she is lucky to have such cool parents. May this girly have a personality that stretches even bigger than her bows. Congrats Nicole and Mike on your gorgeous little girl.

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