Friday, January 27, 2017

The Best of the Worst- Outtakes :)

You've prepared for your photo session. You have the cutest coordinated outfits planned out. You've given the kids the "pep talk". You've had them practice smiling for the camera. You have the perfect bribes ready to go. But sometimes, it does not matter how prepared you are, or how many pieces of candy you wave at them! Kids are kids and babies are babies. Below are a collection of my favorite outtakes. It's not often that I post photos of crying babies, that you share them on social media, or that we frame them to have in our living rooms. However, this is real life! Children are not happy all of the time! Sometimes, these photos end up being the most memorable later on. Some of my favorite childhood photos are ones where my siblings and I are grumpy, crying, or beings pains. These are the ones you can look back on and laugh, or use for blackmail later in life when your not-so-little-one brings over their first boyfriend or girlfriend ;) This post is for every client that has ever apologized for their child throwing a tantrum, crying, or not wanting their photo taken! Your children are normal and there is no apology needed. It comes with the job. I am just as happy to freeze frame the grumpy faces as I am the smiles!

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